As a proud owner myself of a 20-month-old Golden Retriever (Ellie) I get to meet and chat with a lot of dog owners during the course of a week’s dog walking.  And it’s been getting clearer to me that there are two main types of dog owner: those that really care about their pets and those that just regard them as something to take with them on a walk every so often.  If you are one of the second type, then my dog training reviews clearly won’t be of much interest to you and you might as well save some time by not reading much further.  But if you are one of the majority and you really do care about the happiness and well-being of your canine companion, then you might just find a solution to your dog training problems here.

But my belief is that dogs are very much like people – they are all individuals and what works for some may well not work for others. That is why you will find me reviewing and recommending more than one product. But rest assured that I will never recommend anything that I have not checked out myself.